Steampunk Princess Part 2: Playing with Color

The colors I use to paint dark skin: Reaper Bronzed Highlight and Reaper Dark Skin. The next few pictures are with my first mixture of the ‘midtone’ but I later made it lighter.


I base coated her skin with the above colors, the blouse is shadowed with oiled leather, the corset is nightmare black and the hair is washed in noir black. It’s a nice group of colors, but she’ll look NOTHING like this in a moment. ^_^


The next shade on the blouse is Reaper Rose Quartz + a bit of Oiled Leather to create the midtone.


The Back:


final touch ups of the pink. She looks good this way too!


The ‘finalish’ color is splintered bone, grey liner and white. This was the color I was going for. I’m still going to go up just a bit more in some places and better blend the shadows.


The Back:


The Corset!!!!! I didn’t take pictures of this process. I was far too busy ooing at aahing at it. I used Nightmare black in the shadows, carnival purple + Dragon Blue as the midtone and Dragon blue as a GLAZE on top of that. I really wanted to grasp that it was a blue leather corset. I think it looks alright and it matches the blouse nicely.


the Back


To Be Continued!


About Mrs. M

I'm 27 years old with a wide range of interests. My passion is painting miniatures, music, writing and drawing. There's nothing like it in the world.

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