Steampunk Princess Part 3: Fine details and Leather or Denim?

I realized I missed a Part here that ended up posted elsewhere. Bleh, I’m still learning this thing.

My intention had been to paint the corset as blue leather, but I got a little excited with the blue and awesomeness of the sculpt. I have no intention of changing the color of it any further so I decided to line the corset in white.


The Back:


I touched up the lines a bit, and painted her choker the same shade of blue as her corset.


I hope to be able to paint her goggles an Amber yellow, it’s currently based colored with palamino gold and pumpkin orange.



About Mrs. M

I'm 27 years old with a wide range of interests. My passion is painting miniatures, music, writing and drawing. There's nothing like it in the world.

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  1. Looks really great Mrs. M. I simply cannot wait to see the finished product!!! 🙂

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