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Haunted Mansion Part 2 of a Billion….

The next worrying thing is the miniatures and their paint jobs. How was I going to make three hitchhiking ghosts, read as ghosts? I decided that I didn’t want to try to paint a ‘see-through’ effect and knew I probably couldn’t do a blue/green holographic effect either. SO I experimented with a limited paint palette on a different figure. I used Shadow Green, Pine Green, Tanned Skin (My bread and butter), and Linen white.

I used pine green on the hair, shadow green for the dress with a combination of linen white for variety and shadow green with tanned skin for her skin. This combination, shadow green and tanned skin help to make the skin look a bit more life-like to me.


I blended steadily, still using the same colors, it’s slowly coming together.

IMG_20150723_153805837 IMG_20150723_153755263 IMG_20150723_153747189

Finished product: I took straight tanned skin and did a gentle glaze as the highlight and on the cheeks to  make her look a little undead. I made the paint job on her skin extreme to reflect the classic undead look. I’ll try to do a better job of this same look on the hitchhikers.

Now does she read undead and ghostly? I’m not sure. @_@ I know there has to be something I can do that will push it further to where I want it to be, but I don’t know what it is. What’s missing?


What’s a graveyard without the Graveyard keeper?

I doused him in brown liner and snipped his staff a bit. I intend to pin on a shovel.

IMG_20150728_231309229_HDR IMG_20150728_231315951_HDR

I base coated him and man, I hope he comes together alright. (He looks pretty creepy without a skin color)


Base coated, he looks alright so far.


What’s a graveyard keeper without his trust hound??


Have I mentioned I’m awful at sculping? I’ll have to go back and fiddle with the hounds ears so they droop and not look as crazy. @_@



Haunted Mansion Part 1 of a Billion

I visited Disney Land with my Nephews back in April? It was before Reapercon. It’s always been my favorite ride and it delighted me that my nephews (four and two) loved it too! They had us ride it three times. o_o Naturally, when it was announced that 2016 Reapercon will be horror themed, this was the first thing that popped into my head. I had the diorama planned out and the mini’s already in mind.  Now….just to carry it out….

“All about that Base”: My weakest project at the moment. I don’t know a lot about materials and making things look the way I want them to, thus why I’m starting so early on this. the miniatures I’m not too worried about. I didn’t want it too centered, since I had plans for all of the space so I drew out a ‘blue print’.

IMG_20150519_044031859_HDR IMG_20150519_044324284_HDR

I used some minis I already had to decide if I had enough space  for the minis and anything else I had planned.


I then had to sculpt columns. I used Sculpey and for the life of me I could not get them to be perfectly..rectangular, but I shrugged it off as potential endearing imperfection and baked it anyways. Afterwards I hand sculpted cobblestone textures to it.


I then decided that I wanted to do a less complicated top to the columns and started building up. i baked two varying flat pieces and sculpted them together with modeling paste to get the shape I wanted. (I made this super complicated you see. @_@)


Skin Tones: Part 1 and *mumbles numbers* (Some Nudity!)

WARNING: Since this is a skin experiment some models I have chosen are topless or pretty close to nude. So NSFW.


So a combination of street construction and comcast asshattery caused my internet to fluctuate violently. I could barely surf the forums and had to actually, /gasp use my cellphone!! Posting from my phone is a tad complicated so I waited.

Somehow photos were lost as well but I should be able to explain it fine.

First up, and easiest will be my experiment with dark skin tones. Typically for my shadow I use drow skin shadow, midtone is dark skin and highlight is bronzed shadow. Here’s the thing though, I was having the most terrible time bringing my tones up properly. It’s a great triad, don’t get me wrong, I’m just not very good with it yet so I experimented with other shadows/colors.

In this case (Still roughly in the process) I used Imperial Purple on two models and Violet Shadow on the other, primarily to play with variety. I painted the models their shadow color and carefly glazed bronzed shadow on top of it, layer by layer by layer. Just in case, I did another wash of the shadow and I have not yet touched it up again. Note: These models are from Hasslefree and will be going towards a Diorama later….maybe @_@)


This model is painted with the Violet Shadow:


Yes, they’re looking purply at the moment, I haven’t painted the rest of the bronzed skin glazes. The finished product without highlights will look like this. (My first experiment)


Lighter Skin tones:

I wanted to play with the same concept of a different shade as the base color for light skin. Usually I’ll just slap on tanned skin and brighten it from there or just paint directly on top of white primer. This model has a scar across her face and for models like this, I think painting it this color first really helped. Afterwards I glazed golden skin layer by layer by layer .

IMG_20150617_241938903_HDR      post-12705-0-29422600-1436991321

As you can tell, the pink is still there in the deep shadows but it doesn’t look as crazy and extreme as the initial color. It fits in nicely.


I’m still here!!

So I took a few miniatures I had been working on and my Princess Bust to the CMON Expo last month. I won first place with the bust and only third with a chibi miniature I had painted. My husband took me by surprise by winning second in the chibi category with a speed paint miniature. /grumble grumble He’s just too awesome.

I accepted a commission to paint a Wrath of Kings army so that will probably take up my time for now, but I will post progress and techniques about it if I deem it interesting. I’ve got a few other things I have also been working on here and there that will be shared as well, specifically things that involve translucent cloth and OSL. Two things that I’m finally delving into. It always seems so complicated and scary! I am also planning a dark skin experiment on working with different shadow colors to achieve a desired affect and finally, I’ll start my Haunted Mansion project. SO Key things to look out for:

1. Wrath of Kings Army WIP

2. Translucent Cloth and OSL WIP

3. Dark Skin experiment WIP

4. Haunted Mansion Rcon2016 WIP

Hope these things interest you as much as me! /excited!!!!!!