Haunted Mansion Part 2 of a Billion….

The next worrying thing is the miniatures and their paint jobs. How was I going to make three hitchhiking ghosts, read as ghosts? I decided that I didn’t want to try to paint a ‘see-through’ effect and knew I probably couldn’t do a blue/green holographic effect either. SO I experimented with a limited paint palette on a different figure. I used Shadow Green, Pine Green, Tanned Skin (My bread and butter), and Linen white.

I used pine green on the hair, shadow green for the dress with a combination of linen white for variety and shadow green with tanned skin for her skin. This combination, shadow green and tanned skin help to make the skin look a bit more life-like to me.


I blended steadily, still using the same colors, it’s slowly coming together.

IMG_20150723_153805837 IMG_20150723_153755263 IMG_20150723_153747189

Finished product: I took straight tanned skin and did a gentle glaze as the highlight and on the cheeks to  make her look a little undead. I made the paint job on her skin extreme to reflect the classic undead look. I’ll try to do a better job of this same look on the hitchhikers.

Now does she read undead and ghostly? I’m not sure. @_@ I know there has to be something I can do that will push it further to where I want it to be, but I don’t know what it is. What’s missing?


What’s a graveyard without the Graveyard keeper?

I doused him in brown liner and snipped his staff a bit. I intend to pin on a shovel.

IMG_20150728_231309229_HDR IMG_20150728_231315951_HDR

I base coated him and man, I hope he comes together alright. (He looks pretty creepy without a skin color)


Base coated, he looks alright so far.


What’s a graveyard keeper without his trust hound??


Have I mentioned I’m awful at sculping? I’ll have to go back and fiddle with the hounds ears so they droop and not look as crazy. @_@



About Mrs. M

I'm 27 years old with a wide range of interests. My passion is painting miniatures, music, writing and drawing. There's nothing like it in the world.

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