Skin Tones: Part 1 and *mumbles numbers* (Some Nudity!)

WARNING: Since this is a skin experiment some models I have chosen are topless or pretty close to nude. So NSFW.


So a combination of street construction and comcast asshattery caused my internet to fluctuate violently. I could barely surf the forums and had to actually, /gasp use my cellphone!! Posting from my phone is a tad complicated so I waited.

Somehow photos were lost as well but I should be able to explain it fine.

First up, and easiest will be my experiment with dark skin tones. Typically for my shadow I use drow skin shadow, midtone is dark skin and highlight is bronzed shadow. Here’s the thing though, I was having the most terrible time bringing my tones up properly. It’s a great triad, don’t get me wrong, I’m just not very good with it yet so I experimented with other shadows/colors.

In this case (Still roughly in the process) I used Imperial Purple on two models and Violet Shadow on the other, primarily to play with variety. I painted the models their shadow color and carefly glazed bronzed shadow on top of it, layer by layer by layer. Just in case, I did another wash of the shadow and I have not yet touched it up again. Note: These models are from Hasslefree and will be going towards a Diorama later….maybe @_@)


This model is painted with the Violet Shadow:


Yes, they’re looking purply at the moment, I haven’t painted the rest of the bronzed skin glazes. The finished product without highlights will look like this. (My first experiment)


Lighter Skin tones:

I wanted to play with the same concept of a different shade as the base color for light skin. Usually I’ll just slap on tanned skin and brighten it from there or just paint directly on top of white primer. This model has a scar across her face and for models like this, I think painting it this color first really helped. Afterwards I glazed golden skin layer by layer by layer .

IMG_20150617_241938903_HDR      post-12705-0-29422600-1436991321

As you can tell, the pink is still there in the deep shadows but it doesn’t look as crazy and extreme as the initial color. It fits in nicely.



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I'm 27 years old with a wide range of interests. My passion is painting miniatures, music, writing and drawing. There's nothing like it in the world.

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