Steampunk Princess Part 1

I won this at the Reapercon auction this year. I really lacked the confidence in even attempting to prep it but through some friendly posts on the Reaper Forums, I decided to give it a go. The Box:


Few people know this, but I strongly dislike packing peanuts. They’re messy. @_@ Whenever you think you’ve gotten them all, you end up finding more! O_O


I trimmed the mould lines and most of the flash but this one seems like it may prove complicated. Filing, sanding and shaving mould lines in these sorts of places can ruin the sculpted texture of hair. 😦 I’m worried!


These two guys, are your best friends. Liquid Greenstuff for filling in those special places and ‘Ardcoat for smoothing over areas that you have sanded, filed or knifed. Note: YOU MUST LET THESE DRY COMPLETELY!! If you don’t it could ruin your paintjob later. Hardcoat likes to peel sometimes if you don’t let it completely dry or you layer it way too thick.


The effect! So I gently sanded the top of her head (VERY Gently) and I used a bit of ardcoat to smooth it over. It’s still wet in the pictures, thus the bust looks shiny. I also used the ardcoat along her arm, collar and neck where there were pesky mould lines. I filed them the best I could but worried that they would still show up later. Let’s see if this worked.

IMG_20150519_033150266 IMG_20150519_033132310

This mini had a weird gap in her throat by her choker. I used a needle to scoop some liquid green into it and gently moulded and rolled it in with water. Once that dried, I sanded it a little bit and applied Ardcoat.


She’s Primed!!!!!


I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to hold this thing so I put her on her pedestal and rigged a ‘holder’ for her. Yes those are 2 bones figures in that bottle. @_@



Ooo nifty

So this is what blogging feels like :p im going to have to learn how to customize this thing.